Our Sustainability

We’re not here to lecture or bore you on the problems and potential solutions of reducing carbon footprints across both the design and coffee industries. We can however, focus on our own offsets and look at ways in which we can limit, reuse and recycle.

We believe it is our responsibility to try to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as we possibly can to make a difference – no matter how small.

Chemex Brew

We care about putting the planet first by using organic and recyclable materials

Chemex Brew

100% Organic Clothing

We only source 100% organic textiles from our fully certified suppliers. This includes having a transparent supply chain, from the harvesting of raw materials, to socially responsible manufacturing.

Chemex Brew

Water Based Inks

The inks that we print with do not contain PVC or phthalates or any other toxic chemicals. Water based ink has so many positives including a crisper and finish, and is also better for your skin.

Chemex Brew

Compostable Mailers

We're proud to use compostable mailers which are made from a combination of a bio based compostable polymer, and low-impact plant materials such as regular field corn and wheat straw.

Chemex Brew

Eco-friendly packaging

There are times when we cannot always use our compostable mailers, in which case we will always try to use only climate neutral, recyclable, biodegradable, sustainable and plastic free alternatives.

Chemex Brew

Soy based ink

We use eco-friendly alternative soy inks, made from soybeans, on some of our packaging materials including stickers. They print brighter, and will decompose without leaving behind petroleum-based remains.

Chemex Brew

Recycled papers

For all our printed products, including posters and backing cards we use only certified and recycled papers from sustainable sources, printing with vegetables based inks.

Any questions?

Think we could be doing more in our effort to be as transparent as possible about our processes? We have tried to answer many of the common questions asked on our FAQs page, or if you have any further questions at all regarding sustainability of our products, please head to our contact page and get in touch