Speciality Coffee

Speciality Coffee

We’ve been enjoying coffee for so long now that it’s easy to take it for granted, especially with so many amazing places to buy it and so many ways to brew it. Coffee is such a versatile crop, and over the past 10 years the industry has seen incredible growth, with farmers, roasters and baristas alike all becoming crafts of their trade.

Coffee is a Fruit

Coffea is a genus of small flowering trees/shrubs belonging to the Rubiaceae family. Coffea Arabica is the high-end, species which is considered speciality with a cup score of 80+. The plant produces a bright red fruit containing the coffee seeds, called coffee cherries.

Coffee is a Product of People

It's easy to forget that each cup of coffee we drink has been hand-picked, by a picker or a farmer in the country of origin. Each cherry has to be picked when it is fully ripe and bright red, and often hand-sorted looking for defects.

Coffee Price Matters

Farmers can often receive on average 1p for every espresso-based drink sold. We aim to highlight this issue more at Filtrew by shining a light on the incredible work that is unnoticed, all the way from the producer, to the green coffee buyer.

Chemex Brew

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