Speciality Coffee Inspired Printed Goods

Collections of printed material which has been designed with the speciality coffee community in mind. These collections of art prints celebrate the people, the processes, the arts, the craft and the science which all contribute towards this delicious beverage which we so easily take for granted.

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Extraction - Coffee T-Shirt New!

Extraction Poster


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A3 digitally printed poster on certified & recycled paper.


Extraction - Coffee T-Shirt New!

Filtrew Wooden Card Holders


Wooden card holders made from British Oak with Filtrew logo variations on both sides. Perfect for holding and displaying small prints. See just the Seed to Cup Mini Print Set.

1 x Filtrew laser engraved wooden card holder made with British Oak.

Extraction - Coffee T-Shirt New!

Seed to Cup Mini Print Set


A selection of four mini prints from the Seed to Cup Collection including one Filtrew wooden card holder made from British Oak. Swap and change your display, ideal for your desk or work space. See just the Filtrew Wooden Card Holders.

4 x Seed to Cup Collection Mini Prints, including 1 x Filtrew Wooden Card Holder.